Let us know before you purchase online, we can usually get your item for a price that is fantastic, however in the rare case we can't our FFL transfer service is available.  Cost is only $25 for the first firearm (additional during the same transaction are $15, NFA items are $50)


Please read and follow the transfer policy:

OUTGOING - Gun transfers shipped to another Federal Firearms License (FFL):  

  • MAC Tactical LLC will ship / transfer firearms to valid FFL’s only (not to individuals).
  • Shipping will be at actual cost and all fees/insurance to be paid by the seller.

INCOMING - Gun transfers received by MAC Tactical LLC:  

  • All incoming transfers require prior approval, items received without will be refused.


  • MAC Tactical LLC requires that your transfer dealer supply us with a signed copy of their FFL. We will also provide a copy of our license to that dealer. The license exchange may take place via FAX or email.  Please have your FFL contact us for details.
  • If pre-approved, we will accept incoming transfers from both FFL’s & individuals (where state law permits a gun transfer directly to an FFL from the individual).  Federal regulations require that we know the identity of anyone shipping a firearm to us.  It is absolutely necessary for an individual shipping a firearm to us for transfer to provide a legible copy of his drivers’ license or state-issued identification card with the firearm(s).  Those who do not provide this information will have the firearm(s) returned, C.O.D. for freight and handling charges.
  • A copy of the sales invoice or other document that includes  the name of the purchaser and contact information must be included with the package. 
  • The original purchaser (name on the invoice) is the only one allowed to claim the firearm.  In other words, you may not send someone else to claim the transfer firearm.
  • Packages will be opened and serial  numbers verified. Items will not be shown, displayed or handled other than to verify serial number. 
  • MAC Tactical LLC will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred during shipping. Please make sure that your FFL correctly insures the incoming transfer package before they ship.
  • All federal, state and local laws must be observed.
  • In order to take possession of the firearm, the purchaser / transferee must successfully complete ATF form 4473 (and pass the background check).
  • If a transfer recipient is not eligible, the firearm will be returned at the expense of the transferee. The  transfer fee is non-refundable.  If you cancel the transfer for any reason the fee is non-refundable.  
  •  We do not have an excess of space to  store your unclaimed items, please make every effort to promptly pick up your items after notification we have received them.  After a period of 30 days storage charges of $1/day apply until the item is picked up, after 6 months any unpaid / unclaimed / abandoned transfers will be sold.